2020 Colorado Blues Challenge Winners

Representing CBS in the International Blues Challenge in 2020!


This iconic duo merge powerful vocals with masterful blues on the keys; Stacey’s vocal range is blaring when she sings in baritone and gut-wrenchingly beautiful when slaying the highest of soprano notes. It is a simple elegance at its finest while being the perfect storm.
Danny Haynes and Stacey Turpenoff are genuine staples in our blues society; their compassion for music, the appreciation of performing, and musical talent are all that anyone can ask for from musicians.

The combination of Stacey’s beautiful vocals and Danny’s skills on the keys allow for their performance to operate in utter peace; every single soul who witness this duo are in awe and know that the bar has been set.



The Movers & Shakers are a dynamic collaboration of family and friends. Their live performances have become the stuff of legend in the Rocky Mountain region. The band’s energy and chemistry are the result of longstanding friendships and family members. Each member is either related or has one or more friendships in the group which date back a decade or more. Their style is rock and soul straight from the heart. They come to play!



Youth Showcase Selection- 9th Avenue Trio















9th Avenue Trio turns it up & down in Denver - featuring Eric Jones (keys) Laine Ford (upright bass) & Cole Betancourt (drums)


CBS IBC Band Winners:

Note: The years are based on the Year of the Memphis IBC Finals.CBS holds our IBC in the Spring to select our entries in Memphis for the following January IBC competition.

2020 Band- The Movers and Shakers

2019 Band-  Mojomama

2018 Band - Mojomama

2017 Band - The John Weeks Band

2016 Band - Rex Peoples and X Factr

2015 Band - Eef and the Blues Express

2014 Band - Bad Brad and the Fat Cats                                                                                                                                                                                                              (Bad Brad &The Fat Cats advanced to the Blues Foundation Finals of the 2014 IBC Band Competition)

2013 Band – Dan Treanor & Afrosippi featuring Erica Brown
(Dan Treanor & Afrosippi fea. Ercia Brown took 3rd Place in the Blues Foundation 2013 Band Finals Competition)

2012 Band - Delta Sonics

2011 Band - Lionel Young Band
(The Lionel Young Band was the overall winner in the Blues Foundation 2011 Band Competition)

2010 Band - Boa & The Constrictors

2009 Band - The Johnny O Band

2008 Band - The Erica Brown Band

CBS IBC Solo/Duo Winners:

2020 Solo/Duo- Stompit  -Stompit broke up afterwards and were replaced by The Tuffenuffs

2019 Solo/Duo - Scott "Shack" Hackler  

(Shack advanced to the 2019 Blues Foundation Solo/Duo Finals)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    2018 Solo/Duo - Jack Hadley

2017 Solo/Duo - A.J. Fullerton

2016 Solo/Duo - Dan Treanor and Randall Dubis

2015 Solo/Duo - Cary Morin

2014 Solo/Duo - Cary Morin

2013 Solo/Duo – Jack Yoder

2012 Solo/Duo - Johnny O.

2011 Solo/Duo - Big Jim Adam & John Stilwagen
( Big Jim & John advanced to the 2011 Blues Foundation Solo/Duo Finals Competition)

2010 Solo/Duo - Big Jim Adam & John Stilwagen

2009 Solo/Duo - Ben Stevens

2008 Solo/Duo - Lionel Young
(Lionel Young took 1st place  in the 2008Blues Foundation Solo/Duo Competition)

CBS IBC Youth Showcase Performers:

2020 Solo/Duo-9th Avenue Trio

2019 Solo/Duo- no selection

2018 Solo/Duo - Colorado Blues Squad

2017 Solo/Duo - Grace Kuch Band

2016 Solo/Duo - Grace Kuch

2015 Solo/Duo - Coleman Dickson

2014 Solo/Duo - Jack Gaffney

2013 Solo/Duo – Jake and the Thunderbolts

2012 Solo/Duo -  Bad Brad and the Fat Cats

2011 Solo/Duo - Taylor Marvin & the Golden Boys

2010 Solo/Duo - Taylor Marvin

2009 Solo/Duo - Michaela Rae

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