Favorite Volunteer 

Phil Borcherding 

Favorite Dancer 

Dave Kropuenske 

Favorite Server 

Cory Baker - Boulder Outlook 

Favorite Blues Radio Station 



Dexter Payne 

Favorite Bartender 

Cory Baker - Boulder Outlook 

Favorite Blues Radio Program 

Strictly Blues 

Favorite Photographer 

Tarry Underwood 

Favorite Food 

Blues and Greens - Boulder Outlook 


Otis Taylor 

Favorite Jam - Tie 

Dan Treanor at the D Note - Wednesday 
Boa/Bad Brad and the Fat Cats at The Rusty Bucket -Wednesday 

Favorite Blues Radio Host 

Kai Turner 

Acoustic Band 

Big Jim Adam & John Stilwagen 


John Stilwagen 

Favorite Blues Festival 

Blues from the Top - Winter Park 

Favorite Club for Dancing 

Dickens Opera House 

Favorite Blues Educator 

Dan Treanor 

Favorite Live Moment 

Austin Young and Ronnie Brooks, 6/29/13 at Blues from the Top 

Favorite Blues Fan 

Dave and Priscilla Kropuenske 



Other - Violin 

Lionel Young 

Other - Lap Steel 

Randall Dubis 


Scotty Rivera 

Favorite Local Recording - Tie 

Austin Young "Blue as Can Be" 

Bad Brad & the Fat Cats "Eyes on the Prize" 

Slide Guitar - Tie 

Dan Treanor 
Bob Pellegrino 


Big Jim Adam & John Stilwagen 

Favorite Club Owner 

Dan King (Boulder Outlook) 

Favorite Venue 

Red Rocks Ampitheater 


Jodie Woodward 

Blues Band 

Bad Brad and the Fat Cats 

Favorite Young Performer - Tie 

Austin Young 
Nic Clark 

Blues Singer Female 

Erica Brown 

Blues Singer Male 

Rex Peoples 

Blues Harmonica 

Nic Clark 

Favorite Club 

Boulder Outlook 


Austin Young