Favorite Blues Singer Female 

Erica Brown 


Lionel Young - Violin 

Favorite Club Owner 

Carla Jordan - Ziggies 

Favorite Blues Singer Male 

Rex Peoples 

Favorite Songwriter 

Cary Morin 

Favorite Club 

Rusty Bucket 

Favorite Guitar 

Austin Young 


Austin Young and Dan Treanor 

Favorite Club for Dancing 

Buffalo Rose 

Favorite Slide Guitar 

AJ Fullerton 

Blues Band 

Michael Hornbuckle Band 

Favorite Food 

Rusty Bucket  and Lincolns Roadhouse 

Favorite Blues Harmonica 

Nic Clark 

Favorite Acoustic Act 

AJ Fullerton 

Best Wait Staff 

Rusty Bucket 

Favorite Bass 

Jodie Woodard 

Favorite Solo/Duo Act 

AJ Fullerton & Nic Clark 

Favorite Blues Fan 

John Catt 

Favorite Horns 

Ken Johnson and Alayna Simmons 

Favorite Young Performer 

AJ Fullerton 

Favorite Dancer(s) 

Michelle Maxwell 

Favorite Keyboards 

Jimmy Ayers 

Favorite Jam 

Rusty Bucket, Jodi Woodward and Scotty Rivera 

Favorite Local Recording 

Rex Peoples Band, “Fried Food and Hard Liquor” 

Favorite Drums 

Scotty Rivera 

Favorite Festival 

Blues From The Top 

Favorite Blues Radio Program 

Strictly Blues KRFX 

Favorite Blues Radio Host 

Kai Turner 

Favorite Photographer 

Tarry Underwood 

Favorite Educator 

Dan Treanor 

Favorite Live Moment 

Austin Young dedication and performance of “Angel Flying Home” for his dad, Tim, at Stargazers, 7-16-16 

Favorite National Blues Performer 

Jimmy Hall and Tab Benoit 

Special/Write-In Options (Tie) 

Man Of The Year - John Catt 

Favorite Volunteer - Jim Primock