Here are the winners of the 2019 Holley awards for the CBS Members Choice Awards: 

Blues Singer Female 
Kerry Pastine 

Blues Singer Male 
Rex Peoples 

Taylor Scott 

Slide Guitar 
A.J. Fullerton 

Harmonica / Harp 
Nic Clark 

Jodie Woodward 

Horns (JD Kelly Award) 
Movers & Shakers Horns, Scott Sessions & Eddie Silk 

Scott Hackler 

Scott Rivera 

Lionel Young Violin 

Kerry Pastine 

Taylor Scott 

Blues Band 
Kerry Pastine & the Crime Scene 

Acoustic Act 
Cary Morin 

AJ Fullerton 

Favorite Young Performer (Under Age 21) John Catt Award 
Alfonzo Al Dworak 
Grace Kuch 

Favorite Blues Jam 
Rusty Bucket-Jodie, Alan and Scotty 

Favorite Festival 
Greeley Blues Jam 

Favorite Club Owner 
Ron Rosso-Rusty Bucket 

Favorite Venue/Club 
The Buffalo Rose 

Favorite Club For Dancing 

Favorite Food 
The Dickens Opera House 

Favorite Wait Staff 
Rusty Bucket 

Favorite Blues Fan 
Peggy Meis 

Favorite Dancer(s) 
Michelle Smothers Maxwell 

Favorite Local Recording 
Kerry Pastine & the Crime Scene-City of Love 

Favorite Blues Radio Program 
Strictly Blues-Kai Turner-The Fox 

Favorite Blues Radio Host 
Kai Turner 

Favorite Photographer 
Ken Arias 

Favorite Blues Educator 
Dan Treanor 

Favorite National Blues Performer 
Southern Avenue 
Ori Naftaly, Tierinii Jackson, Tikyra Khamiir Jackson, Jeremy Powell 

Favorite Live Moment - Include Performer(s), Date, and Location 
Cass Clayton Band and Kerry Pastine and the Crime Scene double CD release party, Dazzle, September 2019 

Write in Option 
Favorite Local Publication-The Holler (EDITOR- Chick Cavallero)